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Si prega di informarmi sulle vostre esperienze con il mio Buckfast Queens. Le vostre informazioni saranno utilissime per migliorare i prodotti del Buckfast Queens. Si può usare il modulo di contatto di questo sito.

19. mai 2014
I’m trying desperately, to contact you by e-mail or by phone. I have ordered one selected breeder in June 2013 delivery end of April / early May 2014 to Poland. Please end the queens asap.
Elzbieta Surmacz, Poland

16. april 2014
I write to you from Romania. In 2013 I received from you 10 buckfast queens. Now the colonies with buckfast queens are the most strong colonies.
My beekepping on the Youtube channel is - https://www.youtube.com/user/tzzjonny
Please send me an e-mail before you send the queens and please give me some information's about the pedigree for the 2012 queen bees(KB393, KB398, KB448, KB478) and for 2013 queen bees.
Best regards, Ionut Ticu, Romania

Hello Buckfast Denmark, did you receive my last mails? I really like your job with the Buckfast Queens so I need new Queens to improve my work. Have a nice day , Antoine.
Antoine Hédouin
Bonjour, J'aimerai recevoir ma reine debut Juin, mais apparement ce'n est pas possible. Pouvez vous me donner und estimation de la date par email. C'est ma deuxieme commande (la premiere en 2012) et je suis tres satisafait de votre elevage.
J'attends votre reponse pour la date de livraison. Eric Wizen
19. juni 2013
Hello mister Brandstrup and his team!
We are professional beekeepers in Burgundy (Bourgogne) and it is the second year that we order your Buckfast queens. At present we work with the girls stemming from KB 631 X KB yellow/green that we raised last year and who wintered. They are in full harvest of locust tree. We have about fifty girl stemming from KB 202 X KB at present in swarms of this year. We cannot compare the one with regard to the others yet. This small word to say to you that that we are very satisfied with your queens and to encourage you in your difficult work. Thank you very much to all of you. Maybe one day we shall go to visit you in Denmark with a bottle of Meursault or Gevrey-Chambertin.
Cordially - Patricia and Frédéric Delin

2. mai 2014
Hello, I am a professional beekeeper Italian, last year I bought your queens, they were very nice. They are still available overwintered queens? If yes, can I have two? I look forward to your response. Thank you very much.
Giraudo Fabrizio

12. Mai 2014
Hola, buenos dias!
He hecho un pedido de 2 reinas buckfast para final de julio para España y no me han contestado. Solo queria saber si realmente puedo contar con esas reinas para esa fecha. Un saludo a todos y gracias por su gran trabajo! Espero su respuesta.
Anita Klein

4. Mai 2014
Allo allo, M. Keld Brandstrup!
Great thanks. The daughter I make last year from your queens are very good.
Basile, France

10. Mai 2014
Bonjour, D'abord, je vous remercie pour les reines de l’année dernière, elles sont superbes et je suis très content de leur comportement. Du coup, je reviens vers vous, et cette fois je vous achète une reine de l'ile (si possible) et une reine du rucher (comme l’année dernière). Pour la date d’expédition, c'est dès que vous pouvez (le plus tôt possible). Merci d'avance et bon courage dans votre super travail. Eric

14. Mai 2014
I am a professional Italian beekeeper. Last year I bought your queens, they were very nice. They are still available overwintered queens? If yes, can I have two? I look forward to a response from you. Thank you Giraudo Fabrizio

16. Mai 2014
Bonjour, Je vous ai acheté des reines en 2011; il m'en reste une ( KB448 * KB 108 marquée jaune avec un point rouge). Celle-ci me convient bien avec son caractère non essaimeur. J'apprécie également lorsque les abeilles gardent une coiffe de miel au-dessus du couvain ( je n'apprécie pas lorsqu'elle pond jusqu'au ras du bois du cadre). Une livraison pour la première quinzaine de juillet me conviendrait.
Cordialement, Stephane Prevost,
Villieu-Loyes-Mollon, France

20. marts 2012
GOOD MORNING KELD! We received queens from you the last couple of year. Davis Bryans and I are interested in importing several queens. We have found your queens to be great to work with. We are getting very good results and the beekeepers really likes them. Thanks. Bill Ferguson, Ferguson Apiaries, Hensall Ontario, Canada

9. marts 2012
Hello Mr Keld Brandstrup,
Last year I got 4 of your queens sent to Portugal. Two for me and two for a friend of mine. Unfortunately, and due to a mistake, I killed both of them. This year I'm going for the random mated queens. I'll ask if you can ship three queens for me in Mai. I like the changes you have made at your website. My best regards, Afonso Silva, Portugal

4. Marts 2012
Hello Keld, The queen you sent last year is doing great. I need 1 or 2 over wintered queens asap. What is the earliest you can send? Later in the season I will also need random mated ones. Regards Tony, UK