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 Delivery facts

1. Quality Control

Quality Control

Buckfast Queens are mated and selected on our mating stations. We control every Buckfast Queen before shipment in order to obtain the highest quality.

2. Shipment

Quality Control

We ship your new Buckfast Queens in plastic cages. The Queens can endure several days of travelling. In Europe it will normally take three days for your shipment to arrive. We ship Mondays and Fridays. Please stay put and ready for the reception!

3. Feeding

Quality Control

Buckfast Queens get high quality feed in order to give the bees the best comfort on the road to our customers.

4. Feed back

Quality Control

The shipment will contain information about the Queen ID, drone ID and color code used.

Hello Buckfast Denmark!

I am a professional italian beekeeper. Last year I bought your queens, they were very nice. Are there still available overwintered queens? if yes, can I would like to have two. I look forward to a response. Thank you!
Giraudo Fabrizio, Italy

5. Costs and Shipment

Quality Control

ID Info Please keep your customer information so that we can ensure the quality of your future orders. We appreciate your feedback about experiences with our products.