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  • Random mated Queens

    Random mated queens 

    Random mated queens are produced at first class and tested breeder queens. Virgin queens are mated at our isolated mating station, which contains a wide variety of Buckfast drones.
    That ensures the vitality and variety. The random mated queens can’t be used for further breeding, but are suitable for production colonies. Our selection of queens and drones ensures a high quality of random mated queens.
    Marking: Random mated queens are always marked with the year's color.
    Delivery Period: Late June to late September. 
    Price: 80 € all included
  • Island mated Buckfast Queens

    Island mated Queens

    The small island of Nexeloe, situated three miles from the harbour and village named "Havnsø" on the west coast of Sea land. It is free of feral colonies and the islanders do not keep bees. That makes it is a safe location for isolated matings. 15 strong colonies headed by identical sister queens are used to produce the necessary drones, which ensures that the queen are mated with males of known parentage. Colonies remain on the island Nexelø for three weeks, and are then returned to a temporary apiary where the queen is checked and her brood is examined prior to dispatch. Island mated queens are suitable for production of F-1 queens.
    Marking: All island mated queens are line marked, often with two colors.
    Delivery Period: Late June to late September. 
    Price: 150 € all included
  • Artificially inseminated Buckfast Queens

    Artificially inseminated queens (AI Queens)

    Since 1992, pedigree Buckfast Queens have also been raised at the village Reerslev using award-winning artificial insemination equipment, partly because the queen rearing season in Denmark is short, and partly because artificial insemination offers the chance of trying out new genetic combinations. To obtain the necessary drones, sealed drone larvae is first removed from selected colonies and then relocated in a secure hive. The drones are marked soon after they emerge so that they can be identified when fertile. Every artificially inseminated queen is introduced into a mating hive for testing before dispatch.
    Marking: All AI-queens can be line marked with one or two colors. They do not follow the yearly color code.
    Delivery Period: Available from mid-June and onwards. Limited numbers, so please order early to avoid disappointment.
    Price: 150 € all included. 
  • Overwintered Buckfast Queens

    Overwintered Buckfast Queens  

    Overwintered queens from Buckfast DK are island mated queens from last year are preselected in early spring. Overwintered queens ensures a good start of the season and they are suitable for the production of F1 queens. Cause of limited production they must be booked early in the season.
    Marking: All overwintered queens can be line marked with one or two colors. They do not follow the yearly color code.
    Delivery Period: from late March to late April. Sold out in 2021
    Price: 200 € including shipping
  • Selected Breeders

    Selected breeders

    Due to high demand, prior agreement is usually required for the supply of suitable breeder queens. Each year we have a selected number of breeding queens for sale. They are 2 years old and selected and tested in the first year of their life. They are excellent for new breeding combinations and they are tested on the following characteristics – swarm tendency, combe behavior, aggressiveness, honey yield, presence of nosema and hygienic behavior. Book the breeding queens a year before delivery.
    Marking: They can be line marked with two colors and do not follow the year's color code.
    Delivery Period: From late March to late April. Sold out in 2021.
    Price: 500 € including shipping.