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Buckfast Lectures around the World

Outside of the beeseason Keld Brandstrup delivers lectures for beekeepers around the world. He believes that good beekeeping is all about sharing the knowledge and experience he has obtained from a life with bees and queen breeding.

The lectures has made Keld much in demand among the beekeepers. His ability to produce queens of high quality based upon fixed criteria for the characteristics of temper, behavior on the comb and inclination to swarm has earned him an international reputation as a leading Buckfast Queen breeder. At the end of the bee season Keld is computer analyzing the breeding material. The optimization of his queen lines is based on a systematic research. The lectures has brought him to beekeepers in Europe, Canada, USA and Argentina.

A new chapter has begun in 2017, where Keld Brandstrup has visited beekeepers in Jordan and Lebanon. The intention is to initiate cooperation with beekeepers on the improvement of beekeeping using Buckfast bee. 
Keld lectured more than 100 Lebanese beekeepers at the Lebanese University, where he spend time with beekeepers from all parts of Lebanon in order to make a solid and firm presentation of the Buckfast bee.

Do not hesitate to book Keld for a lecture by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.